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Going Green: Small Changes Create BIG Impacts!”


Going Green has been the “It” topic for over a decade.

The most basic definition of Green refers to reducing the negative environmental impacts of daily habits, at home or in business. We see products and services advertised as “Green” everywhere we seem to go. But, many often wonder if these options truly provide any value, or if they are simply gimmicks to get consumers to complete more purchases.

Rae Ann Dougherty, President of Green Cleaning Products LLC, created the company to help consumers and businesses with a mission of “Freeing the world of toxic chemicals … one building at a time”.  Rae Ann has combined her environmental engineering degrees, 35 years of professional experience, and her knowledge of natural green home cleaning and green janitorial supplies for you.  She compiled her findings in this highly interactive eBook to set things straight – there are a number of benefits to going Green, including increasing a business’s profitability, reducing the harmful health effects of common cleaning products, and creating a positive impact on the environment.

The topics included in the book for Understanding the Benefits of Green Cleaning Products include:

  • Why Should you Go Green?
    • Increasing your Business’s Profitability
    • Health Benefits- In Business and at Home
    • Positive Environmental Effects
  • Understanding Green Cleaning Products
  • Protect Against Greenwashing
    • Label Reading 101
    • Hazard Information
  • About Green Cleaning Products LLC

Reader’s comments about their learnings from this book regarding green cleaning products, green janitorial supplies, and natural green home cleaning:

  • “Thank you for this informative book! I own a cleaning business, and am dedicated to using only Earth & people-friendly products! I will share this with my friends and other cleaning businesses” Tammy
  • “Natural safe products are the best! Thanks for the great book.” Mark
  • “I am so interested in trying to go green. Your book on how to start is great!” Lisa
  • “I’m always on the lookout for new ideas to keep my family green”  Joanna
  • “I want to learn from your book. Seems everyone has good things to say. I am looking for new ways to go green. =)” Melinda

You will receive an electronic PDF version of this book.  It has been designed to be highly interactive containing many hyperlinks to resources and articles, as well as informational and educational YouTube videos.

Going Green – Small Changes Create BIG Impacts: Understanding the Benefits of Green Cleaning Products” is priced reasonably for your benefit.  A hard copy of the book  is available from Green Cleaning Products online store.


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  1. shao says

    there must be a way to clean things in the nature , we should be careful what we made if we are not sure the consequence, we should be responsible for our action. no excuse

  2. Julie Edwards says

    Thank you for all the advice on green cleaning programs for Commercial Office Buildings.

  3. Pam Cates says

    Just starting a green construction cleaning business. I look forward to learning more information on green living.

  4. says

    I am just beginning the switch to “green” products and am trying to learn as much as I can about any that will work well to replace the products I use now.

  5. Jay Long says

    We would love to be 100% green, the green e-book will give us more information that we can act on.

  6. albert poledri says

    i am recycling 98.4 % of my household refuge. I am the top recyler in the neighborhood according to the local garbage man. I bleed green and need to read this book…

  7. Michael Wiest says

    I’m the Green Team Leader for New Berlin Junior/Senior High. I would love to have a copy of the book. Thank you!

  8. Rebecca Fisher says

    Since moving from Iowa to Oregon, my husband and I have become much more aware of environmental issues. We love learning new ways to live more Green and applaud the efforts so many conscientious people make in their everyday lives!

  9. Rhonda C says

    I would love to check out your e-book. i am always looking for new Ideas to teach my daughters the importance of living Green.

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